Patrol Services

SPS Group offers a highly proactive and responsive patrol service to the communities of Wisconsin.

We believe that in order to have the most effective security for your property your Patrol Service should be aware, concerned and responsive to the needs of your individual property and the local community, that's why we proudly dedicate ourselves to serving the Wisconsin Area only!

Our professional and state of the art patrol vehicles are clearly marked to provide a highly visible deterrent to the security problems our communities face.

Our officers perform foot patrols, lock and unlock pools, clubhouses, laundry facilities and other common areas. Enforce parking regulations based on your specific properties requirements and responds and deal with calls from management and residents related to Safety & Security.

Our officers complete nightly Patrol Reports, Parking Violation Notices, Tenant Warning Notices, Incident Reports.

Providing Patrol service since 1996 we have the experience, knowledge and expertise in providing you with the dependable service you deserve.

We offer armed uniformed officers, Private Investigators for any and all occasions.

We are THE ONLY company in Southeastern Wisconsin area that will have a public safety personal ready for you at a moments notice. Request a quote from us today, its free! Call us at (414) 243-6655