Gang Deterrence

Our officers are highly trained in law enforcement techniques and have the equipment to effectively assist your communities concerns with gangs, vandalism, graffiti , loud music, loitering, illegal drug activity, harassment, disorderly conduct, battery, indecent exposure, prostitution, loitering, littering, keeping animals that disturb the peace, and discharge of a firearm,. Because of our vast amount of experience with local gangs, we can recognize the problem and solution to each community.

One of the biggest deterrents we offer is easily recognizable patrol vehicles and uniformed, armed officers. Having us on your property, be it through a sentry or patrol service, diminishes the incentive for vandals to commit petty crimes.

We offer an assortment of services at highly competitive rates. Our sales team can eliminate all your financial concerns as we are capable of working with almost all budgets to provide you with a solution to secure your property and asset